Getting the best out of your Real Estate Marketing



Selling property and being a successful real estate agent heavily relies on being able to make a good first impression. While it may be true that the majority of buyers and sellers will work with the first real estate agent that they contact, the real estate agent needs to make a good first impression. Sometimes this impression happens even before the first contact with your marketing material. Implementing top notch marketing material is key to selling property and obtaining new listings. Here is how you can use a Printing and Graphics Design Company to enhance your business.



Attention Grabbing Coroplast Signs

Whether you are looking for an open house sign or a for sale sign, it is hard for anyone to say that coroplast signs are not a major part of the real estate world. Coroplast signs and Rider Signs can help you make your presence known to people who drive by but they can also make it easier for potential buyers to locate your listing. Further, it lets those in the neighborhood who might be interested in selling know that you have experience working in the area.



Impressive Color Flyers

One of the benefits of working with a printing company is that you can get impressive Flyers printed for you in mass quantities. That means that you can get fact sheets for your for sale signs and open houses printed rapidly and in bulk. You will never have to worry about printing off more flyers for the for sale sign box again. You can even get same day flyers to get your projects up and running rapidly.

Quality Business Cards

It is essential that any business professional has business cards that represent both themselves and their business. Get well-printed business cards that you are proud to hand out to both potential buyers and sellers. Just by handing someone your business card you can tell whether they might be interested in buying or selling based upon what they do with your card. Impress them with Unique Premium Cards with Luxury Features Like Foil, Emboss, Deboss, Spot UV, Color Edges, Custom Die cut and much more!

Stunning Door Hangers

Professional, yet affordable door hangers are a great way to tell people you are working in the neighborhood.  Door hangers can target both buyers and sellers.  Include your feature property on door hangers that you distribute around various communities.  Or distribute neighborhood market value analysis to potential sellers to show them that it is a great time to contact you to sell their house.

Attractive Postcards

Distributing postcards with pictures of your property on them works much the same way as door hangers do but you have the ability to write a custom message on the back.  You can also opt to leave the back blank and allow the recipients to use them as postcards to send to friends.  Either way, the recipients will be attracted by beautiful pictures of your listings featured on the postcards.  A hand written message goes a long way, especially in smaller communities.

Professional Presentation Folders

When it comes to an open house you know that you are going to have people who are going to want more information.  Having a nice presentation folder put together can help you increase the chances that you will sell a house.  Leaving behind a presentation folder after you sell a house, complete with a welcome home letter and local offerings, can make someone feel at home after their buying experience and make them more likely to recommend you to their friends.

Always More Products

A printing company always offers you the room to expand the amount of products that you have as your sales grow.  You can purchase new and greater products with each sale to increase the revenue that you get from doing business.  Here are a few other options for you:

  • A-Frame Real Estate Signs
  • Agency Letterhead
  • Local Flyers
  • Office Posters
  • Real Estate Address Labels
  • Real Estate Banking Cheques
  • Real Estate Flag Signs
  • Truck Door Signs/Car Door Signs

No matter how you decide to implement a change to your real estate marketing plan, it is essential that you start using a printing and graphics company today.  Print Den is the company to choose.  We will help you get the quality materials that you deserve at prices that you can easily afford.  We want to see you succeed in the real estate world. Go out there and sell houses with quality printed materials!

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